Olivia Windemuller

Olivia is our lead sailing and race instructor, she has been sailing for 14 years and will achieve her US Sailing Level 2 Instructors Certification prior to the summer season. Olivia currently  competes at the college level for Old Dominion, where she has excelled at racing 420s. She has a second place finish in Lasers at the Western Michigan Regatta in 2014, and also second place finishes at both Butterfly Nationals and the WMYA championships in the Butterfly class in 2013. She is a very experienced instructor and has been teaching sailing over 5 years. Olivia also crews on a variety of boats, including the E Scow, winning the 2014 E-Scow Invitationals with skipper Brett Hatton.

Olivia Windemuller 2015.jpg


Rachel Rantenan

Rachel is US Sailing Level 1 certified and will be completing her Level 2 certification before our sailing school season. She has been instructing and sailing for years, she will be our assistant sailing and racing instructor this summer. Rachel currently sails for Michigan State University on 420s, Lasers, and off-shore boats. She has also raced Butterflies, Lasers, 420s, MC-Scows, C-Scows, and E-Scows throughout the Midwest.  


Brant Bolling 2015.jpg

Brant Bolling

Brant has been sailing for 10 years on a variety of boats; and as an instructor, Brant has developed wonderful relationships with our young sailors, becoming one of their favorites. He competes in a variety of sports including sailing competitively with the  Spring Lake High School Sailing Team. He  He has been instructing for several years in a variety of boats and course levels.